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Homemade Armenian Food

Drive Up Menu


Lamb Shish Kebob Meal

Approx. 0,5lb of lamb kebob, 12oz rice pilaf, pita bread

$ 18.00


Luleh Kebob Dinner

2X Luleh Kabobs (ground lamb)

12 oz. rice pilaf, pita bread

$ 12.00

Chicken Shish Kebob Meal

Approx. 0,5lb of chicken kebob, 12oz rice pilaf, pita bread 

$ 16.00


Armenian Mask

Stay safe in style!

$ 6.00


LAHMAJUN Armenian Pizza (Frozen)

Flat bread topped with seasoned ground beef

bag of 6 - $ 15.00

Armenian Style Green Beans (Vegan)

Green beans cooked with olive oil, tomatoes and onions 12oz

$ 5.00

Homemade Armenian Desserts


Layers of phyllo with a filling of
walnuts, topped with a delicate syrup

2 square pieces - $ 8.00



Shredded phyllo filled with Ricotta cheese, soaked with a delicate syrup

2 square pieces  - $ 8.00



Ancient shortbread cookie stuffed with date paste

4 pieces - $ 10.00

Some of our bakery menu items are eligible for shipping in/out of state. 

For orders up to $50 flat rate shipping - $12 

For orders $50+ flat rate shipping - $18

Call for more information.

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